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Medical Assistant

Academic Associate of Science Degree

The Medical Assistant program is designed to provide the student with fundamental skills that will enable them to function at entry level as a Medical Assistant in the health care setting.  The student will possess a broad range of administrative skills to educate patients and support business aspects of the medical organization.  The classes listed below are not necessarily taught in the sequence shown.  The Medical Assistant student will possess the requisite skills and knowledge to obtain a national Medical Assistant certification at the end of course study.

Program Length: 4 Semesters / 64 weeks
Program start date: We take new students for this program every semester.
Prerequisites: None

Program Objectives

  • To prepare the student with the knowledge and necessary skill to enter the medical field as a multi-skilled professional assisting in patient care management.
  • To develop clinical skills including phlebotomy and clinical fundamentals.
  • Acquire knowledge in general education content.

Program Schedule of Courses

Download (PDF, 41KB)


Medical Assistant Employment Opportunities

  • Doctor’s Office            
  • Occupational Health Centers       
  • Long Term Care Facilities    
  • Hospitals